Welcome to the The Second Glass Online Store FAQs. 


Because we’ve been receiving a lot of questions from you, we are posting here the most frequented asked questions, for your information. 


Is there a minimum order required on your store? 


When ordering for delivery, we suggest that you must order in multiples, for a more cost-effective pricing and that you maximize delivery costs. But if you buy from our store front, you can buy anything from one bottle to several cases.  Gift wine purchases do not require a minimum order. 


Is there any possibility to have my purchased liquor delivered it to my place? How much does it cost? 


We will deliver your wine to any one address worldwide. In Las Vegas, we deliver within 48 working hours for a flat fee, regardless of the number of cases. For deliveries within the country will take 7 working days. The delivery charge is also dependent on the location. Deliveries outside the country takes as much as 90 days, depending on the mode of delivery (whether by air or sea). Aside from the fee, you will also be responsible for paying the appropriate taxes.  


Do you have any store besides the online shop? 


The Second Glass does not only sell online. In fact, we have a retail shop located at Las Vegas. This is open to the public and offers wine tastings for those of you who would like to stop by. 


What are your store hours of operation? 


Our retail store operates from Mondays to Saturdays at 10AM till 10PM and Sundays from 1PM to 6PM only. Times are subject to change during holidays and inclement weather. 


Do you ship outside of the country? 


Yes, we ship worldwide. 


What are the requirements to pick up an order? Is it possible to send someone else to pick up my order? 


You will need at least one valid identification card and the order confirmation number. If it’s impossible to show an ID, you may show the credit card you used that the order was billed to. If someone else will be picking up your order on your behalf, they will need the same requirements as well.