Wine Reviews. Is it worth it or not? 


If you’re searching for a wine blog, you’re at the best wine blog ever! This is all about wine. 


You know I seriously hate wine reviews sometimes. Why, you ask? They only just showcase how completely out of touch some members of the wine industry can be with the average wine drinker. Recently, I did a quick poll of my non-wine industry friends who love drinking wine, and they all quoted some review that was not only useless, it actually stopped them from wanting to buy the wine. And this sent me over the edge. But if you insist, I put my hands up if that puts you to sleep! Honestly, I thought the job of a writer was to entertain and inform. I will just down a Valium if I want to take some sleep, with a chaser of course. 


What do you think is the solution for this? In my thoughts, wine reviews do have an audience, but I think it’s just a few. Obviously, there are exceptions to this. There is this wine writer whose reviews I can say makes me happy to read it all day. He is French, a great writer and an expert when it comes to wine tasting. His tasting ability is both entertaining and informative. 


So, how do you know if the wine reviews are appealing to you? Is social media the answer?  Can you trust these wine reviews? 


Social media people that specialize in wine have exploded over the past few years, and I am sitting within this group. Their wine reviews are different from the real wine expert writer. These people post photos of the wines they are drinking, the meal they’re eating, the wine regions they visit, etc. But here’s the truth, some followers believe these wine lovers don’t deserve your respect because they haven’t paid their dues. They ain’t Wine Experts. They never studied or trained at university or worked at high end wine shops – they just love wine. The only answer is find wine reviews which the writer has skills and has knowledge about wine.