The Second Glass is a French family-owned and operated liquor importer. The liquor we offer you represent a labour of love. We apply our criteria to each and every liquor on our list, from the every day to the extraordinary. But this doesn’t stop us to seek more  high quality iquor, especially wines. 


We found that buying liquor in Las Vegas is quite easy. Supermarkets and liquor stores in the area often carry various options for alcohol that can fit anyone’s budget. However, these options are oftentimes very expensive and are in fact overpriced. They also do not provide much information about the liquor. Hence, with our knowledge and connections from France, we bring over the best liquor in Vegas. What The Second Glass hopes to accomplish is to mainstream high quality liquor and boutique wines, and encourage people to experience a great bottle. 


The Second Glass is one of the largest and leading liquor store in the country. It has been awarded for many years with the coveted liquor and wine awards. Our expansive selection of wines brings together more than a hundred award-winning wine brands from all over the world.  


Since the wines that we offer have won awards, we are pleased to clarify that drinking wine is similar to drinking any other alcohol. You’re wrong. It’s about people. It’s about places. It’s a kind of a melting pot of history and culture. And most of all, it’s about pleasure. Our mission is to bring you wines that reflect these qualities. As well as offering you great wines. We hope we can explore together in discovering more about wines and the history of it. For you to know about wines and how they taste, learn from our expert, skilled and knowledgeable Sommelier from France. We will be having a workshop about it. Know more information by sending us an email. 


Thank you!