With The Second Glass you’re in good hands

 The Second Glass website is the leading online alcohol store in the country. We offer the widest selection of wines, whisky, champagne, rum and so much more that is stored inside our temperature-controlled garage doors in Sedona. We absolutely recommend Sedona A1 Garage Door Service for your garage door needs. We offer rare, limited edition and premium liquor and we seek to provide only the very best. 


When it comes to business, exceptional service is a must. As such The Second Glass provides only personalized service in all of our transactions. We entertain our clients using phone calls or email. We take care of all our clients’ need when it comes to liquor, may it be private or corporate clients. We take our pride in our selection of the best wines to suit every client’s drinking needs.  


We deliver locally and internationally, with free delivery in some cities near our location. With our efficient delivery and shipping process for both local and international orders, we make sure your purchased wine arrives on time and in perfect condition.  


We are committed to serving our clients better and continue to introduce new products. With The Second Glass you’re in good hands. We are your best spot for everything related to liquor. Also, our wine expert from France is here to guide you on the latest wine discovery and appreciation. All selected wines were tasted and approved by him with his great skill and expert palate. 


We accept gift orders. It’s possible to add a message to your gift order if you want to. Simply add the items to your cart then proceed to checkout. All you have to do is type your message on the space provided beside your order. Messages are restricted to a 150-minimum character. We will print your messages and send it with your wine order. 


Why not discover and experience liquor with us? 


The Second Glass invites you to discover and experience liquor with us. Come join our alcohol tasting workshops and lunch at Dave’ French Restaurant in Las Vegas. Interested participants may contact us to know more information. Learn about liquor, wines and have a tasting workshop that is all about the structured learning and understanding of liquor. 


Learning a great deal about wines in a comfy, relaxing atmosphere will be easy and fun. This workshop we conduct are always interactive and informative. It is designed to help you start your exploration of liquor and wines. 


See for yourself and discover with your own palate which type of liquor is right for you. Taste only the very best that we have in store.  


What are you waiting for? Hurry! Grab this opportunity to learn and taste our wines and liquors. We only have limited slots available. 


The Second Glass provides extraordinary customer service. We offer cost effective and accurate ways of getting the most out of wines and liquors in your business and profession. 


Feel free to contact us for your drinking needs. The Second Glass is always happy to serve and give you the best. 


Thank you.